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    Sep 2008


    A coach keeps records on the basketball team. When a team member shoots a two free throws 65% of the time the first free throw is made. 70% of the time the second free throw is made. What percent of the time do both free throws need to be made inorder to for these events to be independent?

    so I know that .65*.7= 45.5%
    so 45.5% of the time they have to make both

    I know that I have to multiply the percents together, but I do not understand why I have to multiply the numbers? Thanks
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    Dec 2008
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    For any two events, A and B, to be independant,

    $\displaystyle P(A \cap B) = P(A) \times P(B)$

    or in words, 'probability of A and B occurring' = 'probability of A' times 'probability of B'

    Which is why the probabilities are multiplied together.
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