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Thread: BiNomial Distribution Formula

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    Nov 2008

    BiNomial Distribution Formula

    My question is in regards to the binomial distribution formula:
    Here is the formula...

    it seems to work perfectly when finiding the probability of Exactly 10 customers.

    The problem I am having is I can use online Binomial calculators and get the answer.. but i was wondering what formula to use if you are trying to find the probability of for example X > 1 , X < 3

    stuff where its not exactly X = 10 or X = 1....

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    THANKS in advance.
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    Mar 2008
    P(I'm here)=1/3, P(I'm there)=t+1/3
    Hey !

    $\displaystyle 10!*10! {\color{red}\neq} 100! {\color{red}\neq} 20!*5!$
    Don't try to simplify this way, it won't work.

    As for finding P(X>1), think that it is the complementary of $\displaystyle P(X\leq 1)=P(X=1)+P(X=0)$

    Same for $\displaystyle P(X>3)$

    and this is the problem of the binomial distribution, when you have to calculate let's say P(X<10), you have to compute the sum $\displaystyle \sum_{k=0}^9 P(X=k)$
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