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Thread: high/low card couting system

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    high/low card couting system

    A simple blackjack card counting method

    First, we need to assign a value to all of the cards

    face cards, Ace. There are 20 of these in a deck. (these have a value of -1)

    7, 8, 9. There are 12 of these in a deck.(these have a value of 0)

    2, 3, 4, 5, 6. There are 16 of these in a deck.(these have a value of +1)

    Start counting. When the count gets higher, it means that there are more face cards in the deck, and when the count gets lower it of course means less of them are in the deck.

    Based on the count, you should follow a betting pattern similar to this

    Less than +1: bet flat
    +2 to +3: double your bet
    +4 to +5: triple your bet
    +6 to +7: quadruple your bet
    +8 or more: quintuple your bet

    If you manage to count cards accurately with this system, make money and bet correctly without getting caught, you should move on to a more complex system. Although with this system and alot of practice, you will ussually have a great advantage over the dealer and other opponent
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