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Thread: Binomial and Poisson Distribution.

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    Oct 2007

    Binomial and Poisson Distribution.

    Hi, I understand both the poisson distribution and binomial distribution relatively well. However, the way I see it, for any question requiring the use of a poisson distribution, it makes sense that a binomial distribution could be used. For example:
    "A hockey team has a shut out at a rate of 1 of every 20 games. calculate the probability of having 2 shutouts in the next 10 games."

    The reason I believe binomial applies is: the probability of success is 0.05%, the number of trials is 10, and the desired number of shutouts is 2.
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    Hello !

    Actually, the binomial distribution can be approximated into a Poisson distribution if :
    n>30 and p<0.1 and npq<10

    the new $\displaystyle \lambda$ will be np.

    Basically, I think it is easier to compute values of a Poisson distribution than a binomial distribution.
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