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Thread: Couple of probability problems.

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    Couple of probability problems.

    Prolly easy, but I can't get the right answer. Thanks in advance.

    Three football players, A1 A2 A3, will attempt a field goal from the 25 yard line. A1, A2 and A3 are mutually independent and p(A1) = 0.5; p(A2) = 0.7 and p(A3) = 0.6

    a) Compute the prob. that exactly 1 player is successful
    b) Compute the prob. that 2 players make a field goal( ie one misses)


    There are 14 songs on a CD. You like 8 of them. If each is played in a random order, find the probability that of the first 2 songs played:

    a) you like them both
    b) you like neither
    c) you like one of them
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    For the first one, we can count up the three different scenarios.

    Player one makes it and the others don't: (.5)(.3)(.4)

    Player two makes it and the other two don't: (.5)(.7)(.4)

    Player three makes it and the other two don't: (.5)(.3)(.6)

    Add them up .06+.14+.09=.29
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