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Thread: Probability.

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    May 2008

    Probability Probelms & Counting Techniques

    Out of 25 rock bands at a festival, 17 are from North America and 8 are not. Of the North American bands, 9 have signed with a label and 8 have not. All but two of the bands not from North America have signed with a label. If a band is picked randomly, find:

    not sure how to make the sign for it... its an upside down u.

    P(not signed to a label (intersects) North American)
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    Jun 2008
    What have you tried?

    I would start by drawing a venn diagram.

    Do you understand what intersection means?

    Remember P(x) is the number of ways x can occur divided by the total event space.

    you have 25 total bands. Of these bands how many are both N.A. and not signed?
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