Hi guys, I was hoping soemone could give me some help with my homework. They are mostly probability questions. I am completely lost! Any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help.


1. Explain under what circumstances a permutation should be
used in a probability problem, and under what circumstances
a combination should be used.

2. Suppose 2 cards are drawn without replacement from an ordinary deck of 52. Find the probabilities of the following results. One is a face card and the other is not.

3. Suppose someone offers to pay you $100 if you draw 3 cards from a standard deck of 52 cards and all the cards are clubs. What should you pay for the chance to win if it is
a fair game?

4. Give a probability distribution,(b) sketch its histogram, and (c) find the expected value
In 1992, the Big 10 collegiate sports conference
moved to have women compose at least 40% of its
athletes within 5 years.
Suppose they exactly achieve the
40% figure, and that 5 athletes are picked at random from

Big 10 universities. The number of women is recorded.

5. A lottery has a first prize of $5000, two second
prizes of $1000 each, and two $100 third prizes. A total of
10,000 tickets is sold, at $1 each. Find the expected winnings
of a person buying 1 ticket.