Hello everyone,

I am working on my political stats homework, and I am having trouble interpreting the data. I understand all the computations and I believe I have done them all correctly and they are shown in the PDF. However, I don't know how to interpret the data, I don't know exactly what the data is telling me. If someone could help in explaining what the data means and what its telling me that would be great. According to the instructor, the exam will be very similar to the following problems I have in the PDF. I understand the math, but I don't understand exactly what he wants me to interpret and see in the data. There are two problems and everything I don't understand is marked in red text in the PDF. I have checked my answers a couple of times and they seem to be all correct so its not so much the math, its the interpretation of the data.

here is the link to my PDF.


if someone has enough time to check my math that would be great!! Thank you all!!!!