I have task to do but all people of my group don't know what to do.

Analysis of the structure of the age of persons temporarily arrested and sentenced by final judgments by common courts in 2011. Explain the results of the calculations.

I know 42,16 is weighted arithmetic mean. Standard deviation 8,11. Coefficient of variation is 19,24 %. Typical area of variation Xtyp= (34.01;50,28) Mode = 32.04. Asymmetry factor = 1.25 First quartile = 35,54. Second quartile median = 41,33 Third quartile = 49,06 alpha3 = 0,43 concentration factor alpha4 = 2,03
The task is: Explain the results of calculations.
I have no idea how to start and what should I write. Iím on humanities and Statistics was added for one semester.