help with a golf problem

hi. im just wondering if there is a way to model this. if i can get the probability of a player finishing in a certain position in a golf tournament. is there a way to model this with the information i have? is there any more info i could provide that would make it more accurate or enable a better more accurate method?

this is the info we have

there are 130 golfers in total
we play 4 rounds of golf and the lowest score at the end wins.
after 2 rounds only the top 70 players are allowed to continue and stay in the tournament. the rest are "cut". they are out of the tournament.

golfer A has a 3% chance of winning. he has a 12.5% chance of finishing in the top 5 (this probability includes 1st). he has a 22% chance of top 10 finish(1st to 10th place finish). he has a 37% chance of a top 20 finish. he has a 75% chance of making the cut (being in the top 70 and continuing)

its a long time since i did statistics(20 years ago. a level) and was wondering how i would go about getting probabilities of finishing positions? is there a model that would be considered effective at this?

thanks in advance