I'm writing a paper comparing John Hollinger's original PER or player efficiency rating statistic to a bleacher report analyst named Zach Fein who created an alternative formula. PER is an advanced basketball statistic used to determine a player's overall impact by accounting for nearly all of their season totals. (Link to PER Explanation: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Play...iciency_rating) + (Link to Fein's article: Cracking the Code: How to Calculate Hollinger's PER Without All the Mess | Bleacher Report). Some of the things he did were pretty unclear. Can someone please give a better explanation of how he got the weights and why he multiplied them by 54? I've tried so hard to get a clear understanding of this but I've gotten no help on any website and could not find any contact info for Zachary Fein. Any help would be accepted, thank you!