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Thread: standard deviation

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    Dec 2007

    standard deviation

    If you have a random sample of 1000 social work clients, and the average value of some sample statistic (e.g., age, weight, income, etc.) is 50, with a standard deviation of 10, about how many people from your sample will be included in the range of values between 40 and 60 on this measure of the sample statistic? Why? About how many will be included between the range of 30 70? Why?
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    Posting the same problem in multiple location is considered bad form. It says, "Dear Volunteers, my time is more valuable than yours." Whether this is true or not, I'm hoping it is not a message that you want to present.

    In any case, the Empirical Rule will solve these two questions instantly.

    68 - 1 standard deviation both directions
    95 - 2 standard devaitions both directions
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