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Math Help - probaility of etting bigger number

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    probaility of etting bigger number

    two dice are tossed together and the bigger of the 2 numbers is recorded. If A represent the event ' bigger number is 4 ' , B represent the event ' the bigger number is odd' , find P(A) , P (A U B)..
    i found P(A) , but not P(A U B). i am going to use the complement rule which P (A U B) = P(A) +P(B)-P(A n B) , but there's no P (A n B ) for this question... how should I proceed?probaility of etting bigger number-img_20140711_052216-1-.jpg
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    Re: probaility of etting bigger number

    As you have noted $\displaystyle \begin{align*} \textrm{Pr}\, \left( A \cap B \right) = 0 \end{align*}$. You can still use the addition law...
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