I seriously underestimated how difficult my statistics class would be this semester. This is an assignment we were recently given, I am at a loss for almost all of the questions. I Don't need answers, I just really need help with where to start.

1. A person wishing to attend law school must complete the LSAT (Law School Admission Test). The person’s results are submitted to the schools where he or she is seeking admission. LSAT results are normally distributed, thus symmetrical. The mean and standard deviation are 500 and 100 respectively. Minimum score is 200 and max is 800.:

a. Admitted students would have a median greater than or less than 500. Why.
b. The shape of admitted students is symmetric or skewed – if skewed, in what direction,
c. The standard deviation of admitted students is greater, equal to or less than 100,
d. Estimate the range of LSAT for ALL test takers.

(I know this should be skewed to the left, but I just want to double check to see if I'm correct with my answers)

2. a. On January 1st 2000, the Cheyenne population was 30,000. On the same date in 2010, the population was 60,000. Determine the simple average annual growth rate and the GM growth rate for the population change.

(I got 7.71773 for the Geometric mean and is the sample average .018 or is that going to be for part b?)

b. A US Treasury bond has had the following returns for the past 5 years. Determine the proper annual average growth rate in enrollment.

.06, .07, -.03, .03, -.04

3. You are given the following data:

Mean Median Std Dev Range Sample Size Skew/Sym
100 110 10 ? 25 ?
100 90 15 ? 200 ?
50 51 ? 30 10 ?
150 150 ? 60 200 ?

a. Estimate the standard deviation and range where omitted.
b. Determine the shape of the distribution – symmetric or skewed. If skewed, what direction

(This is silly, but I'm confused how I'm supposed to determine the range and standard deviation from the data, I understand which direction is skewed) Any advice would be helpful. I don't need answers, but if someone could point me in the right direction that would be nice.)