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Thread: True or False?

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    Exclamation True or False?

    True or False:
    The range of a data set is always greater than or equal to the IQR of the same data set.

    I want to say this is true because the range is the difference between its minimum and maximum values whereas the inter quartile range is only the distance between the 25th and 75th percentiles. So, am I correct in saying that this is true?
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    Re: True or False?

    Yes that is true for exactly the reason you said. Range is the 0% to 100% percentile and IQR is the 25% to 75% percentile. In some cases they can be equal. If a data set has two samples then the range and IQR would be equal. If all the samples have the same value then the IQR and range are both equal to zero
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