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Thread: Interpreting polls

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    Apr 2013
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    Interpreting polls

    I have a question about how to interpret a poll.
    I have just run an online survey which had 10 subjects.
    Users were asked to select one option for each of these subjects.
    The options were just the values 0 to 5 where 0 represented least desirable and 5 most desirable.

    I now have a set of results where for each subject the poll reports e.g 5% voted for 0, 15% voted for 1 etc
    So as a first simple assessment I can just look at the percentages for the most desirable (5) and say that the subject with the highest percentage is the most popular one and so on.

    But it occurs to me that this may not be the best way to interpret the results as it ignores all the other votes.
    Can anyone offer any help in finding the best way to interpret these results?
    Thank you.
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    Oct 2012

    Re: Interpreting polls

    It sounds like you got 6 items and asked people to order them in least to most desirable. Is there any way you can relate the items?
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