Hi! First post...

Im trying to evaluate directional forecast results in a contingency table. Im not quite sure exactly what kind of hypothesis I should set up to decide whether the forecaster is better than just a random guess or better than another forecaster, or how I should interpret my results.
In my contingency table I have three directions to consider, Up, Down or Neutral. The result can be right or wrong.
I know I can use the Pearson Chi-squared or the Fisher exact test. For instance I calculate my Chi-square to 2,837 which gives me a P-value of 0,242 with 2 degrees of freedom. This means I reject the hypothesis that the variables are independent?
Can someone please explain in words and/or equations how I should formulate this problem or how to interpret the results when Im calculating X^2s and P-values?

Predicted up predicted down predicted neutral
Correct 40 34 4
Wrong 32 44 7