Hi, I am from Penang ,need help to resolved the Basic Statistics Exam.

  1. From the data types below which one is an attribute data type ?

A lengths of time in the car
B Battery Life (in hours) of a cellular phone battery
C Diameter of pencils
D Salaries of employees
E The number of good and bad products

2. An individual is reviewing a stable, normal process that has a Cp=3 and Cpk=.5. In order to achieve a capable process, what must be done ?

A Not enough information given
B Shift the mean only
C Reduce variation only
D it is already a capable process
E Reduce variation and shift the mean

  1. When population data are discrete and you want to compare two populations, which test is most appropriate ?

A Levene’s
B t-test
C 2-Proportion Test
D Anderson-Darling
E F-test

  1. Which one of the following statistical test is used to compare five means, simultaneously ?

B 2 Sample T-test
C Run Test
D F-Test
E Normality test

  1. Which test determines if there is a difference between the mean of a group and a proposed standard value ?

A Paired t-test
B Two sample t-test
C F- test
D One-sample t-test
E One way Anova

  1. While testing a statistical hypothesis with a significance level of alpha 0.05. when do you reject the NULL hypothesis (HO) ?

A When P=value is less than 0.05
B When P=value is between 0.1 and 0.5
C When P=value is equal to 0.5
D When P=value is larger than 0.5
E When P=value is larger than 0.95

  1. Which of the following is true about Standard Deviation

A It is the average
B It is a range of values
C It measures location
D It is measure of spread
E It is maximum value minus the minimum value

  1. What statistical assumptions need to be validated for ANOVA results to be valid ?

A Observations are selected, not randomized
B No assumptions are required to be met
C Observations are normally distribute, independent, a variance are equal
D Observations are from an F-distribution
E Observations are from a Chi square distribution

  1. Which of the following statements correctly interprets a 95% confidence interval on a population mean ?

A It is a single point estimate
B A 99% confidence interval is narrower than the 95% confidence interval
C It is not used to interpret the population
D If we repeatedly took sample from the same population, 95% of them would contain the true population mean.
E Used to quantify the certainty of the sample standard deviation

  1. The null hypothesis is ?

A Not Needed
B Always contains a > in the equation
C The hypothesis of no difference
D the alternative hypothesis
E Always contains a < in the equation.