i hardly know anything about stats. i'm writing a paper with some data that i need to compare. i have a control and an experimental series. i graphed the series to compare their regression lines. their slopes are similar, and their intercept has a difference of about 2.3 units. but i need to know if the two data sets are scientifically significantly different. they data set is pretty small, so i'm afraid it wont be. i looked around online, and found the analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) test. is this the correct test for my purposes?

so i ran my results through an online ANCOVA calculator, but i don't understand the results. could someone explain these results to me? i suspect it's telling me that, in fact, my data is not different enough.

thank you for any help you can offer.

i have an HTML results page from the calculator. i'm not sure how to post this into the forum. i'm gonna try just copy and pasting... i might have to work on that before i get the results up.


Dependent Variable
A B Total
15 17 32
Observed Means
13.7333 13.2353 13.4688
Adjusted Means
13.77 13.2 13.47

Aggregate Correlation within Samples: CV vs DV
r = 0.86 r2 = 0.74

Source SS df MS F P
adjusted means 2.59 1 2.59 0.78 0.384404
adjusted error 96.24 29 3.32
adjusted total 98.82 30

Test for homogeneity of regressions:
Source SS df MS F P
1.05 1 1.05 0.31 0.582104
remainder 95.19 28 3.4
adjusted error 96.24 29