A mall has set up a promo. With any mall purchase of 50 or more, the customer gets to spin the wheel.
It has numbers 1,2,3,4
1 shows up 2 times
2 shows up 2 times
3 shows up 8 times
4 shows up 8 times.

If number 1 comes up, the customer wins $10
If number 2 comes up, the customer wins $ 5
If 3 or 4 comes up, customer wins a discount coupon.
So it asks the prob of
A) customer winning $10
B) Customer winning money
C) Customer wins a coupon.

So the possibilities are 20 when you add up the above numbers 2+2+8+8
So for I GET
A) it's 2/20 is .10, BUT the answer is 1/6
B)4/20 = .20, BUT the answer is 1/2
C) 16/20 = .8, BUT the answer is 1/2

So what am I doing wrong here? I am having trouble understanding the wording I think.