I understand the concept of percentage increase and %points... but here is something that is puzzling me.

Here are two tables showing the composition of employees for a bank in 2010 and 2012.

Men 60%
Women 40%
Total employees 1000

Men 65%
Women 35%
Total employees 1500

So using percentage increase and Percentage points I could say.

'The % of male employees rose by 5 Percentage points and an 8.3% increase.'

But by taking into account that the total number of employees rose by 50%...

60% of 1000 = 600
65% of 1500 = 975

which shows a real number increase of 62.5%..

So i have 3 figures ...

Which ones are the most relevent? I feel that the 62.5% is the most relevent, but is the 5 percentage points relevant atall?

Thank you