Hello, I am fuzzyhead and I am new to this forum.

In just under 2 weeks I will be taking my Statistics exam for AS-Level Mathematics. In the areas that require maths like the pure cores I am doing very well but I am struggling with questions in the stats paper that require me to interpret the data in sentences. Often I end up guessing as to their meaning which is almost always wrong. Some examples of questions I struggle with are:

"Interpret in context, your values for a and b" (question was related to y=a+bx)

Questions that ask why something is unlikely to be normally distributed. Which is followed by a question asking why it may be assumed to be normally distributed.

To me at least it seems as though they write a question and pick how it should be answered out of a hat. Does anyone have any advice on how to answer such statistics questions? Or any websites which explain how how to answer and importantly what they are trying to ask (I have had no luck using google)? Or maybe some online walkthrough videos that explain the context of this type of question?

Thank you.