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Thread: Statistic Practice Question Help

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    Mar 2012

    Statistic Practice Question Help

    A few questions on my practice exam for the exam on Monday morning, help if you can please!
    Question 1:
    The results of a provincial exam are normally distributed with a standard deviation of 6.54%. If 10% of students scored below 55% on the exam, find the value of the mean.

    Question 2:
    Rich breaks the speed limit 70% of the time. What is the probability that he will break the speed limit exactly 8 times in the next 10 trips? Express answer the nearest hundredth.

    Again thank you for all the help and support!
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    Apr 2012
    Groningen, Netherlands

    Re: Statistic Practice Question Help

    For Question 1:
    $\displaystyle \frac{55-m}{6.54} = z(0.1)$,
    where m is the mean you want to compute, z(0.1) is the 0.1 quantile of the standard normal, you can look it up in a table.
    This is easily solved for m.

    Question 2:
    This is the binomial probability for p=0.7, k=8, and n=10.

    Hope this helps,
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