French roulette, 37 pockets.

The chance to pick a 3-number-section that reach 3 standard deviations in 1000 2000 trials is 27/10000 or 0,027%.


a)It is the same chance to reach the 3 st dev in 1000 2000 or 10,000?

b)What is the chance to find 3-number-section on the wheel with 3 st dev? 1/10?(27 times 37/10000)

c)What is de chance to find 3 scattered numbers on the wheel that their sum reach 3 st dev? It is bigger, how do you calculate it? The 3 numbers do not need to have 3 st dev each one, 3 scattered numbers with 2 st dev have the amount to reach 3 st dev.

d)what is harder at 1000 2000 or what ever? 1 isolated number with 3 st dev, a 3 number section or a group of 10 number in a section? why?