OK I am at University level but I am really stuck with just very basic statistical concepts.

I have lots of data that I can analyse in any way I wish: countries, regions (1-5), death rates, birth rates etc.

Am I right in thinking that:
1. I need to create dummy variables for regions in order to do analyses?
2. Are my IVs countries and regions (nominal)?
3. ...So death rates, birth rates etc are DVs? If I want to carry out a regression, can they be treated as predictor values?
4. If I want to see if there is a correlation between just region and death rate, can I do a simple regression?
5. If I perform a multiple regression, are the death rates, birth rates etc the regressors, and the region my DV?

My confusion is over whether the region is a DV or IV.... and pretty much which of my data are DVs and IVs. Really stuck and I would massively appreciate it if someone could clear this up for me!

Many many thanks in advance!