Hello all.

I'm about to undertake a research study which is using exclusively quantitative methods and data that is interval (or possibly ratio) in nature. I thought this was great since I'm from a social science background.

While the methodology is easier with the research question I want to answer, I'm having more difficulty regarding statistical tests, and more fundamentally, even knowing what my variables are.

Basically, I want to look at how different types of microphone affect different analyses of voice (for example, pitch). Perhaps to best help me, I'll share my methodology:

  • There will be 4 groups of people - normal voice; mild, moderate, and severe voice disorders.

  • There will be 6 different microphones split over three categories - polar pattern, condenser/dynamic, and price.

  • There will be 7 different analyses of each sample (e.g. pitch)

  • Each person will record a sample into all 6 microphones simultaneously and I want to compare the values each microphone gives in the analysis (e.g. what value of pitch (in Hz) each microphone records.

When it comes to thinking of what statistical tests to use, I'm getting mixed up. I feel like my dependent variables are the results from the analysis (e.g. pitch) and the independent variable is the type of microphone. But if that's the case, what statistical test can I use? My hypothesis is that the type of microphone will affect the values given in analysis.

I hope someone can clear things up for me a bit.

Thanks in advance.