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Thread: need stats help asap!

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    Nov 2011

    Smile need stats help asap!

    the problem may look long but the first two paragraphs is just background about gloves.

    the problem is:

    quality-control monitoring procedures are almost always statistical. often, to check the
    quality of a product requires that it be used up or even destroyed, so it's never
    possible to do a quality check on every product. an agent must select a sample.
    in the case of a product like latex surgical gloves, "quality" is related to consistent latex
    thickness, and the relationship can be complex. for instance, a glove that is a little too
    thick might slightly reduce the sensitivity of a surgeon's fingers, which could possibly
    lead to the surgeon overlooking a clinical fact because he or she couldn't feel it
    through the glove. this condition is obviously undesirable, so it's important that gloves
    not be too thick. on the other hand (bad pun, sorry), a glove that's too thin might
    break, bringing the risk of infection to surgeon and patient alike. this condition is close
    to a disaster (much worse than simply undesirable), so it's absolutely imperative that
    gloves not be too thin.
    imagine a manufacturer of surgical gloves with latex thickness known to be
    approximately normally distributed with mean thickness 244 microns (μm) and
    standard deviation 13μm. according to the manufacturer's quality-control procedures,
    latex in the 95th percentile or higher is defined to be "too thick," capable of reducing
    sensation in a surgeon's fingertips. at the other extreme, latex thickness below 200μm
    is defined to be "too thin," putting the glove at risk of breakage.
    to monitor latex thickness in its product, a quality control agent selects a random
    sample of 30 gloves from each production run. if none are found to be at risk of
    breakage (zero tolerance for gloves that are too thin), and no more than three exceed
    the maximum thickness standard, the agent will certify the quality of the entire
    production run.

    1. what's the maximum thickness allowed by the manufacturer's standard?
    2. is there any reasonable chance that the average thickness of the gloves in the
    agent's sample will exceed the maximum thickness allowed? why or why not?
    3. what's the probability that a randomly selected glove
    a) exceeds the maximum thickness standard?
    b) is at risk of breakage?
    c) meets both thickness standards?
    4. what's the probability that a production run will fail the quality certification test?

    Can you show me how to solve this problem including the work you did? It's due tomorrow, I need help.
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    Jun 2011

    Re: need stats help asap!

    Sure, what exactly is the part that you didn't understand yet? Where did you get stuck?

    P.S.: Keep in mind that this is the mathhelpforum (the operating word being 'help'). That means we help you understand the math. It doesn't mean that we will do all the work for you. It's important that you show us that you've made at least some effort to understand the question.
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    Re: need stats help asap!

    Please read the forum rules:

    Help is not given for work that counts towards your final grade.

    Don't abuse the smilies - it's annoying.

    Don't beg for help in the post title.

    Make the post title relevant to the specific question.

    Show some effort.

    Thread closed.
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