This is an online review question I don't seem to understand. I'm stuck between 95%, like their confidence interval, and can't tell/their samples are all different, but I can't seem to articulate a coherent answer. Any suggestions/where should I start??


A statistics professor sends her students out to collect data by interviewing other students about various quantities, e.g., their SAT scores, GPAs and other data for which the college registrar retains official records. Each student is assigned one quantity and one target population, for example, the verbal SAT scores of all female students, or the cumulative grade point average for sophomore males.

Each student interviews some students ó how many depends on the studentís initiative and energy. The student then reports the results in the form of a confidence interval, P Ī M with 95% confidence.

After the students hand in their reports, the professor contacts the registrar to find the population parameters for each group that the students surveyed. Assuming that the interviewed students provided accurate information, what fraction of the studentsí confidence intervals will contain the corresponding population parameter?




Canít tell, it depends on how much data each student collected.

Canít tell, the students each looked at different quantities, not all of them at the same quantity.