Firstly, apologies if I've posted my question in the wrong section!

I play an online soccer game in which each player has a maximum and minimum value. In some circumstances only the minimum value of the player is provided but it is possible to predict the maximum values too. Therefore I'm attempting to work out the formula by which the maximum value of the player can be established by reference to the minimum value. This is well beyond my mathematical expertise - could anybody help?

Here are some of their details:

Player A: 19 years old. Minimum value: 14,405,525 Maximum value: 26,676,897
Player B: 24 years old. Minimum value: 11,736,726 Maximum value: 21,734,678
Player C: 25 years old. Minimum value: 15,845,786 Maximum value: 24,814,589
Player D: 20 years old. Minimum value: 10,295,713 Maximum value: 19,066,136

Is it possible to work out the formula that links these minimum and maximum values?

Any help greatly appreciated!