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Thread: How best measure effiecency

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    Jun 2011

    How best measure effiecency


    Firstly maths is not my thing so any help would be appreciated.

    I was reading a mil history and found some data intresting, but not explaining itself very well.

    The work list Army start strength and losses, and comment that the % lost was one way to support which side leader was a butcher, ie that side lost more.

    This struck me as misleading, as the number used to inflict the loss was being ignored.

    So i started a spreadsheet to get a better understand of what maths would show, in terms of who mwas more efficent.

    I have the data i want to compare, have compared loses of KIA/WIA seperatly from POW so as to show loss of life seperate from all losses. Compared actual losses to the force suffering them to give me % inflicted by the other side, this along with the ratio of each sides initial/strat size, gives me an efficiency at causing losses, what im unsure of is this a reliable method of measuring effieceny at inflicting losses.

    How would you do it?.
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