Hi, Given that my area of expertise is not in statistics then above question doesn't point quickly to the correct answers for me

The first part of a answer is asking if the colour of carpet would affect a persons mood?

Well that depends on the person I suppose, but if you don't like the colour you would probably not accept it?

How long does a bus journey from Glasgow to Edinburgh take?

I suppose I could summerise this question, factors such as time of day, traffic conjestion, so in my opinion this might be a summerising question?

Is there a link between the lifespan of a cat and the brand of food eaten?

Well my experince here with our cats is simple enough, put food down they don't like and you will end up putting it in the bin.

Do more girls obtain at least 5 GCSEs than boys? How would I know unless I am working through the results obtained, how could one answer this?

Are right or left handed people more likely to vote in an election? I don't vote and my friends don't either, so again pointless type questions really?

How many students ring the help desk each week?

How could they expect a student to answer such a question, we don't man the phones?

Any views apreciated, it's not my area of expertise?