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Thread: Some questions

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    Jan 2011

    Some questions

    Q : A student randomly selects 5 candies from a box. She wants to determine the probability distribution for the number of pink candies selected . What type of probability distribution would be the best model for this situation? Name what the random variable X would represent. Explain

    A : Uniform Probability Distribution, Discrete Variable Just wondering is it is correct.

    Q : An airline has determined that 4% of people do not show up for their flights. To avoid having empty seats, the flight is often overbooked. What is the probability that some travelers will not get a seat if the airline sells 310 tickets for a plane that holds 300 people. No idea how to do this one.

    Q : A group of 5 boys and 4 girls comprise the school debate team. Each round consists of two debaters and a moderator (for a total of 3 people). In every debate round, the three people are chosen randomly and their jobs (debater or moderator) are chosen randomly. What is the probability thatů
    a) there will be at least one boy selected in the first round?
    b) Eric will be selected in the first round AND will be the moderator

    Q : Burger Plus promises to make your burger exactly how you like it. The menu offers either the King Burger (6 ounces) or the Queen Burger (4 ounces) - each can be (optionally)ordered with Swiss, Cheddar or Mozzarella Cheese on either a white or whole wheat bun. They offer 5 different toppings and 3 different condiments to finish off your burger. How many different burgers could you order?

    Well these are some of the questions I'm having trouble with.

    Thank You!
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    1st one is correct.
    Last one will be 2*4*2*5*3 ways since burger can be chosen in 2 ways, cheese in 4 ways(3 types of cheeses; and also you may not want to take cheese. That is one more possibility), 2 types of buns, 5 toppings and 3 condiments.

    Try to workout 2nd and 3rd problem on your own. See the 8th point.
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