hello people anyway i was playing a game called zilch (Play Zilch, a free online game on Kongregate) and anyway what it is, is there are 6 dice on the left. Each time you roll the six dice there is a score card you have, you can get points for- any 1's, any 5's any 111,222,333... etc. until 6, any 3-6 of a kind of a number, a 1-6 straight, 3 pair, and finally nothing at all. Anyway each time you roll you need to get one of these matches or you get whats called a "zilch" and you lose all your points for that round. say you get to start a 4,7,1,5,5,6. to score you can do a one or both fives. say you do both fives, you would get those points and then roll again but excluding the fives so then you roll 4 dice and you need a match. At any time you can roll again or bank what you have so its a game of knowing when to take what you have or keep rolling. anyway where this ties into probability, i wanna be able to win a lot so i need to make one mega probability table that will tell me all the chances like for example, i used all of the 6 dice but 2 so i am rolling just 2 dice. Now the only scoring you can get with 2 dice are 1's and 5's. so for one die you can get a 1 and a 5 which is a 33% (2/6) chance and for the other die also a 33% chance. So, how would you combine them to say that if you roll two dice getting either a one or a five from both of them, then there is also a 1/36 chance you will get 2 ones or 2 fives and i need to be able to figure all that out to make one GIANT table! i need major help. first, whats the chance that when you roll two dice simoltaniously that you will get either a 1 or 5 from either die. I KNOW THIS IS LONG BUT THANK YOU FOR HELPING