I'm tyring to map my results of several different equations into a scale from 1 to 10. As my coefficent of variation gets closer to zero I want my scale to increase so that a CV of 0.0 maps to 10. The problem I'm having is that my results are all over the place meaning I have some CV results as a small float like 0.4489 and others are larger like 1.6928.

SD = Standard Deviation
X = mean used in the standard deviation calculation (This is the issue I'm having because the mean is always different)

I thought I could do something like this 10(1-(SD/X)) to map my results.

Here are two diffrent problems I've tested.
Coefficent of Variation = Standard Deviation / Mean

SD1 = 0.4489
Mean1 = 52.67
CV1 = 0.0085

SD2 = 231.34
Mean2 = 136.66
CV2 = 1.6928

As you can see my two results are very different but I'm trying to create a formula to map the results from 1 to 10 with 10 having a coefficient of 0.0

Any thoughts?