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Thread: finding the mean

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    Jan 2010

    finding the mean

    Suppose that the percentage of college students who engage in binge drinking, which is defined as having 5 drinks for male students and four drinks for female students at one "drinking occasion" during the previous two weeks, is approximately 40%. Let X equal the number of students in a random sample of size n=12 who binge drink.

    So it asks me to find the mean and the variance and the stan. dev, I'm just not sure where to start.. If I can find the p.m.f I can do the rest but I tried 4/10(40%) and that didnt work out so I need help now
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    for p = 0.4 and n = 12

    Mean = np

    Var = np(1-p)

    Std = sqrt of the Var.
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