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Thread: Statistics and Probability / HIV test

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    May 2010

    Question Statistics and Probability / HIV test

    Hi everyone,

    I'm totally confused with this question here but still want to know how to get this right... Thanks in Advance

    'Any test used to detect a health condition has a level of inaccuracy. It may indicate a positive result, when in fact the patient does not have the disorder (This is called a false positive). Of course, the opposite is also possible. A false negative results when a patient is told that they do not have the disorder when in fact they really do.

    People having blood tests are tested for the HIV virus. It has been established that 0.1% of the population are likely to have the virus. The test is deemed to be 95% accurate.

    Complete the following table to determine the probability of a false negative and a false positive. Discuss the problems associated with these outcomes.'
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