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Thread: Construct a frequency distributution

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    Jun 2010

    Construct a frequency distributution

    Hi can someone help me with this? The question is on a math test, the scores of 24 students were

    Construct a frequency distribution. Use 4 classes beginning with a lower class limit of 60. Score_____Frequency__
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    May 2010
    "construct a frequency distribution" just means do the following:

    Step1: Put the data into logical groups

    Step2: Count the number of data points in each group.

    You are told to use 4 groups, with the first one having a lower limit of 60.

    Sensible group choices would be:
    Group1: Score 60-69
    Group2: Score 70-79
    Group3: Score 80-89
    Group4: Score 90-99

    For each group, the frequency is just the number of scores that were in that group.

    Score     |  Frequency
    60-69     |       3
    70-79     | 
    80-89     |
    90-99     |
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