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Thread: Normal Distribution

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    Oct 2006

    Normal Distribution

    In a school, state with a reason, whether or not a normal model is likely to be appropriate for each of the following cases.
    (a) the number of days since his last birthday of a randomly chosen boy from the school.
    (b) the height of a student chosen at random from the school.
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    Feb 2010
    a) There's an equally likely chance that a random boy will have had his birthday any number of days ago. So, it's equally likely that this number, for any random boy, will be 1 through 365. Is this a normal model?

    b) Most randomly chosen boys will have a height around the same number. there's going to be a few really tall ones and a few really short ones, but most of them will be somewhere around the middle and it will be less and less likely as the height gets taller or shorter than this average. is this like a normal model?
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