hello everyone i have a exercise about probability please help me
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The HALO bicycle light manufacturer is considering expanding; they have two options
  1. to expand existing production facilities
  2. to buy out another company which could be a bicycle light competitor or a local china manufacturer with similar production facilities

Expansion brings a 60% chance of revenue increased by 100m and a 40% chance of revenue increased by 30m (this is unlikely to cover the costs of expansion).
The chances of successful buy out are 70%, but at worst acquisition would bring increased revenues of 60Million.
To buy the glass competitor brings a 50% chance of increasing revenues by either 72m or 86m after the buy out.
Buying the china manufacture brings a 80% chance of increasing revenues to 90m or 20% chance of increasing them to 70m after the buy out.


  1. Construct a decision tree
  2. Calculate the probabilities and expected values