Hey there, I have a question which im not too sure what they are asking

"Your company sells exercise clothing and equipment on the Internet. To design the clothing, you collect data on the physical characteristics of your different types of customners. Below is a descriptive characteristics for weights (in kilograms) of 31 male runners. Assume that these runners can be viewed as a random sample of your potential male customers.

Mean: 62.70968
Std Error: 0.61852
Median: 62.4
Q1: 60.65
Q3: 65.25
Mode: 61.8
Std Dev: 3.443773
Sample Var: 11.85957
Kurtosis: -0.42853
Skewness: -0.04425
Range: 13.8
Minimum: 55.4
Maximum: 69.2
Sum: 1944
Count: 31