I'm doing a 400-level science course in college and I'm only a 200 level student. The math really has me confused.

Basically it's a research project. I took field samples of things on various beaches. I put them all in an excel spreadsheet. My goal is to compare the amount of things I counted on one beach to the next beach, and run a simpsons diversity test or something, and a t-test, and all this other stuff in excel. And then create graphs. But I don't know how to do all this stuff. The professor included some instructions inside of the excel spreadsheet, but they are limited and I don't understand it. The paper is due on Tuesday and I can't receive any help from the professor or even contact him. I didn't wait until the last minute, he's really only giving us 5 days to complete the project from the moment we could begin it. I'm pulling my hairs out!

I was wondering if someone could help me or point me in the right direction on what to do.

If anyone knows how to do this stuff, I can e-mail you the excel file and maybe you could look at it.

Please help!