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Thread: what is a "run"

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    what is a "run"

    i've been given 4 data sets, each 30 numbers long. i have to determine whether the data is homogeneous or heterogenous. i've found the median, and marked which are below and above the median. but now i have to determine whether any of the sets are homogeneous and heterogeneous based on the number of runs. i've also been given limits of 12 and 19 as limits for the number of runs. if below 12, heterogeneous, if between, homogeneous. so what is a run? i don't understand how to do this.
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    There are various sorts of "runs".

    Line up the values in two sets. Subtract one from the other. If all differences are positive, this is a very long "run" If it switches from positive to negative to positive and on and on, that might be lots of "runs".

    Check your definitions. Check the information you need. What is a "run" for this problem?
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