1. A study attempts to examine whether watching a lot of television or playing a lot of video games will have a detrimental effect on a child's academic success at school and/or their success at sports. The experiment is conducted on the basis that the age of the child will be important in determining this effect but the gender of the child will not.

Select all the elements that are FACTORS of this experiment:
-age of the child
-gender of the child
-time spend reading books over a year
-time spent playing video games over a year
-success at sports
-academic success at school
-time spent watching television over a year

2. A government study is undertaken with the aim of determining the benefits of a new driver training scheme and whether it has a different outcome on over-25 year old learner drivers than for under-25 year old learner drivers. The training program is undertaken for a group of 80 learner drivers, half of which are under 25 years old, half are over 25 years old. Then within each group of 40, half are randomly selected to participate in the new training program. The results are recorded and compared. This scenario is best described as an example of:

-a randomized block design experiment
-a completely randomized design experiment
-a matched pairs experiment

Thanks in advance for the help!