Biologist are studying a deer population in a provincial conservation area. The biologists know that many of the bucks (male deer) in the area have an unusual "cross-hatched" antler structure, which seems to be genetic in origin. Of 48 randomly tagged deer, 26 were does (female), 22 were bucks, and 7 of the bucks had cross-hatched antlers.

Several of the does have small bald patches on their hides. This condition also seems to have some genetic elements. Careful long-term study has found that female offspring of does with bald patches have a 65% likelihood of developing the condition themselves, while offspring of healthy does have only a 20% likelihood of developing it. Currently, 30% of the does have bald patches.

a)Out of 10 deers randomly captured, how many would you expect to have either cross-hatched antlers or bald patches?

b) Do you think that the propotion of does with the bald patches will increase or decrease or remail relatively stable?