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Thread: Permutation and Combination Question

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    Jan 2010

    Permutation and Combination Question

    Sorry i just saw this has already been discussed and i cant figure out how to delete it.

    I having trouble answering this question, any insight would be great. Thanks.

    How many ways can Stacy distribute her 7 accessories to her 4 vacation days assuming that her 7 accessories are not identical and that she wears at least one each day?

    I tried (7 C 4) * 4^3.. so that you would choose one item for each day, then the last 3 items have 4 choices in which they could go but the to that would be 53,760 which doesn't seem right because if she didn't have to wear one each day it would just be 4^7 which is 16,384 and to me it seems as though the answer to this problem should be less than 16,384.
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