Hello all,

I am deparing me with a problem or a doubt about the calculation of probabilities in one matrix.

I have 3 events (A,B,C)

Percentage of probability of each event: A - 2.3% B - 10% C - 15%

- A imposes B
- A imposes C

My Matrix:
0 0 0
0 0 1
0 1 0
0 1 1
1 1 1

Goal: The sum of all lines of matrix must be 100%, the sum of lines of each event must be equal to the percentage of probability given before the matrix generation.

Right now I am changing the percentage of each impose event (A) and I left the imposed event (B,C) with the original percentage.
Thus, I have this changed percentages:

P(A) = P(A|(B*C)) = P(A) / P(B)*P(C) = 1.53 (153%) or could consider 100%
P(B) = P(B) = 0.1 (10%)
P(C) = P(C) = 0.15 (15%)

If I made the calculations with this values, I will obtain 100% for all lines and for all events, but i will obtain negative values because the probability of (A) its bigger than 100%, so (~A)<0.
If i consider 100% instead of 153% I will obtain wrong values for (A) event.

The point is, I am not sure if it is possible to calculate this situation obtaining positive and correct values and I would like to know if anybody have some kind of help or some tips that can help me.

Thank you, and Best Regards.