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Thread: Maximum Damage 2

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    Maximum Damage 2

    Hello again. Similar problem except more complicated to my other thread. Again I am trying to maximize damage in the same Online Game and I have a decision to make. This one is more complicated.

    A Damage of Time (DoT) in online games is where something is initiated and then occurs at specific intervals for a certain duration. Example, if you land a DoT of 500 damage that lasts 30 seconds with a 2 second tick then that means that when you use the DoT, the enemy will be hit for 500 damage and then every 2 seconds he will be hit again for 500 damage. This will occur for 30 seconds. The initial DoT hit is slightly stronger.

    Option 1: A 25% chance of dealing an extra 930 dmg per hit
    Option 2: A 15% chance of landing a DoT (Duration 6s, tick 1s) of 299 dmg (inital hit is 310 dmg) per hit

    If the DoT is running on the target and theres say 3s left on it and then the DoT is triggered again on a hit, the timer will reset back to 6s and you will get the 'initial hit' again.

    Ill give an example:

    DoT Lands: 0s - 310
    1s - 299
    2s - 299
    3s - 299
    DoT Lands again: 0s - 310
    1s - 299
    2s - 299
    3s - 299
    4s - 299
    5s - 299
    DoT Ends.

    I should also mention that the time between each hit is 3/4 of a second or 0.75 seconds.
    Which Option is better for damage over a long period of time?
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