Below you will find the image methodology for a statistical analysis of neighborhoods.

Here is what I think, the sections are broken up by a price range. The user is querying the data to custom price ranges, and since some of the neighborhood price ranges can double dip it has to calculate what percent of the closings go into one price bucket or another.

For example, In section 1 the price range is 200-270$, but this falls into TWO user defined price segments 200-249$ and 250-299$. Of the 17 closings in section1 12.1 out of 17 (71%) fell in the custom price range of 200-249, while 4.9/17 (28%) fell in the other user defined price range of 250-299$. Beyond this I am very confused. If one of you bright individuals would please help explain it would be greatly appreciated.

Specifically I am having difficulty with the calculation in step3.