So, my instructor gave me an assignment which says that I need to find a way to randomly sample 35 New Releases in order to compare these 35 videos to the average length of of a movie of 110 minutes. Then see how it compares to the statistic that 60% are "R" rated.

Anyway, the first part asks HOW I will randomly sample the 35 videos. I am going to a blockbuster store and I'm not sure how to do it. It either has to be Simple Random, Stratified, or Systematic.

I was thinking of giving a number to each movie first, such as starting at "1" on the top left shelf and continue numbering through each row till the end which would the the total New Releases on the wall.

I'm guessing systematic would be:

Hypothetically, if there were 110 New Releases, I could divide by 35 which equals three then get a random number from 1-3. Say its 2, well then I would get hte second movie and then do the systematic sampling which would be (2+3) (2+3+3), etc.

I dont know if this is the best or even correct way to do this...

Then there is also Stratified and Simple Random sample...I dont think its really possible to do the simple random sample. As for stratify, I'm now sure how I would even group it.

I need some help on this. Hopefully theres someone out there that can...Thanks in advance.