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Thread: probability --just can't figure it out

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    Oct 2009

    probability --just can't figure it out

    I haven't done this type of math in over 13 years and need some clarification since Im taking an online statistics course; hard to reach teacher for help!

    A) From the information provided, create the sample space of possible outcomes: A coin and a pentagonal die are tossed.

    B)Suppose you are playing a game of chance. If you bet $10 on a certain event, you will collect $500 (including your $10 bet) if you win. Find the odds used for determining the payoff.

    Now for part A)---the pentagonal die is supposed to have 5 sides, correct?

    And B) I have no idea. lol.
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    Sep 2009
    PART A)

    Sample Space is pretty simple.
    Pentagonal die has 5 sides.
    Coin has 2 sides.
    # of sides = # of possibilities for each item

    The sample space is just a box showing the possibilities.

    eg. Sample space for 2 coins.

    (H, H) (H, T)
    (T, H) (T, T)

    Notice how each coin has 2 sides, therefore 2 possibilities. So the box is going to be a 2x2 box. With 2x2 = 4 entries.

    So, the sample space for your question should have 2 x 5 = 10 entries. Just some busy work.
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